GULL Super Mew XX [Open Heel] Fins (Scuba Diving / Snorkeling) ORIGINAL | UNISEX
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Brand GULL
Size (L x W x H) 65 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm
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The gull super Mew XX open heel fins are deceptively simple; yet, underneath the hood, they hide a myriad of features that are brilliant in their simplicity. 

Made of Gulls famous kinugawa rubber, which is right up there with wagyu beef, these fins defy the usual black rubber affair by offering a wide arrange of colours. 

The rubber is actually part of a special composition created to maximize durability and consistency; consistency that will ensure even performance throughout the entire fin. 

The sole is designed to better transmit power to the tip of the fin, maximising thrust. 

The foot pocket is designed to provide a good, yet versatile fit, that will accommodate the relevant boot sizes. 

Even the rubber used throughout the fin is different 

– The foot pocket is a more flexible and accommodating rubber, to keep the foot comfortable, whereas the blade and ribs of the fin are a harder composition meant to firmly catch and thrust water outwards, producing good and consistent thrust. 

–  The ribs are shaped in order to catch water in such a way that it minimizes the sideway movement of water, maximizing the amount of water pushed towards the tip of the fin, for good thrust. 

–  The blade itself is designed in such a way that water is chanelled down its length, and is funneled down the crevice present at the end of the fin; by doing so the channeled water is concentrated in this “weak point”, thus increasing the pressure of the water and the intensity of the thrust produced.