GULL Warp Fins - full foot fins - ready stock - 100% authentic - official dealer [scuba diving]
Price RM1,300.00
Brand GULL
Size (L x W x H) 60 cm x 70 cm x 5 cm

Comitted to delivering powerful propulsion through tough currents, these long blade fins are for expert divers that know exactly how stiff they like their fins. 




- Stiffness is similar to Mew. This is an all-around model that can accommodate a full range of diving situations. They are designed for ease of use, and offer a comfortable, easy kick, especially during surface movement and when using the flippers. 


- Long Blades: Giving your legs propulsive power even in places with strong water flows, long blades are the outstanding feature of Warp Fins. With Warp, you can extend your range of diving experience. 


- Blade Tip Shaped to Catch the Water: With fins designed to make optimal use of the resilient properties of rubber, firmly catching the water, from the start to the end of the kick cycle, you get solid propulsion. 


- Foot Pocket Designed to Easily Expel Water: The foot pocket is formed using a thin and pliant rubber material. This makes the fins easy to put on and take off. 


Sizing: Please refer to the size chart to as best possible determine your size. 


*Please take note the colours may differ slightly from images due to aspects such as lighting and so on. 


*On the softer rubber such as the foot pocket area, the compound becomes white and powdery. This is the protective oil in the rubber that solidifies when exposed to air resulting in a white powdery form which protects the rubber's integrity.