Folding Writing Slate (waterproof) - write under water - ready stock - scuba diving
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Size (L x W x H) 19 cm x 13 cm x 4 cm
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Scuba Slate, Underwater Slate, Diving Slate, Dive Slate, Divers Slate 


Super Pencil Slate comes with a Super Pencil, unlike more conventional dive slates the Super Pencil has replaceable lead, so once you use it up you can get a refill for years of continues use. 


Slate is also equipped with a Corrosion Resistant Locking Gate Clip, Nylon Webbing Loop for easy secure to your equipment and protective pencil tube for storage of the Super Scuba Gear 


Technical Information: Size: 5" x 7.3" and 5" x 6.7". 




Fits in BCD Pocket. 


Multi Page Slate. 


Makes Note Taking or Conversing Easy Underwater. 


Replaceable Lead Super Pencil. 


Corrosion Resistant Locking Gate Clip. 


Plenty of Room for Notes, Conversing or Skill Performance. 


Durable Plastic Construction.